10 Memorable Photos from 2021


1. Stanford at Sunrise

Photo by Paul Oyer

Senior Associate Dean Paul Oyer paused during a morning run to snap this early morning campus photo.

2. Outdoor Classrooms

Photo by Elena Zhukova

One year after the pandemic started, faculty and students had adapted to outdoor settings for in-person instruction.

3. The Class of 2021’s Unique Journey

Photo by Saul Bromberger

The Class of 2021 graduated in June, in an in-person, masked ceremony. The event celebrated all that students had accomplished, commending their resilience in navigating a year unlike any other. They will always remember the (beautiful) weather that day.

4. Summer Grilling

Photo courtesy of Chef Raul Lacara

Executive chef Raul Lacara cooks up a feast for Stanford Executive Program participants on campus. Chef Raul prepares globally-inspired meals and, he says, avoids creating “ordinary banquet food.”

5. Move-In Day for the Class of 2023

Photo by Elena Zhukova

The new MBA1s arrived, filled with energy and excitement.

6. What It Means to Be a First-Generation/Low-Income Student

Photo by Elena Zhukova

Members of the First-Generation Low-Income Club (FLI) reflected on their experiences. “Being a FLI student,” said Viet Nguyen, MBA ’22, “means opening doors and dismantling structural inequities to change the institutions I’m in to be more inclusive for others.”

7. The Nobel Prize

Photo by Kelsey Doyle

In October, we celebrated Professor Guido Imbens, who was awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences along with Joshua Angrist, an economist at MIT, for their “methodological contributions to the analysis of causal relationships.”

8. Live Broadcast on Campus

Photo by Sheila Singh

Dean Jon Levin discussed the forces shaping business today, the recent Nobel prize, value creation, and more with Bloomberg Businessweek, broadcasting live from Town Square.⁣ ⁣⁣

9. “You Can Bring Changes in Many Ways.”

Photo by Kelsey Doyle

“I always tell people that my story is not an exceptional story. It could have been the story of any girl if their fathers and their brothers had allowed them to speak out,” said. At a View From The Top event, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai spoke about her journey to becoming an activist for educating girls and women across the world.

10. No Tricks, Just Treats

Photo by Tricia Seibold

Our pets never miss an opportunity to pose in costume.


Goodbye, 2021! Hello, 2022!